Within our industry, talk of quality and precision happen constantly. For the markets we serve, there is no margin for error. In the medical device industry, a part’s failure can cause death or injury. When it comes to defense and military equipment, a weapon misfire can be catastrophic.

To say that what we do is a matter of life and death is not an overstatement. And that seriousness translates to our culture at Troy. It’s more than just a slogan on the walls or showcasing our certifications – it’s something our people internalize.

How does a company make quality part of their culture? How do they find people that “get it?” It starts with having the right systems and processes, but it also comes down to years of doing things the right way. That’s what makes Troy different.

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Systems & Processes

The components industry is built on protocols that are clearly documented in black and white: ISO certifications, ICAR certifications, JCP certifications. Gauges are calibrated. Measurements are made. Rules are followed. But without the human element behind the scenes, making sure these processes are not only followed – but also believed in — the processes fail.

This is what sets Troy apart. At Troy, we look beyond the letter of these rules to spirit of them. We use our expertise to deliver beyond what the documents say.

In practice, this means an incredible commitment to communicating internally and externally, utilizing robust contract reviews at every stage in the process.

Upfront, we get our entire team together to understand the technical requirements before we machine anything. We also work as a team to understand the customer’s goal and end result. Beyond the spec, what’s their need? We get everything figured out before we cut a single part. We put ourselves into our customer’s processes before anything happens.

Then, throughout the engineering and delivery processes, we maintain a number of different channels of communication with our customers. Documentation, and being timely and responsive, are essential. Our customers know they can call anyone – at any level within our organization — 24/7. This open communication is designed to be responsive and agile but also supportive and responsible.

Internalizing a Commitment to Quality

There are many stories within our facility about the people who work here doing what’s right. Many of the employees at key tollgates throughout our shop floor have been here for 20+ years. Our lead Swiss machining operator has been here for many years – and works alongside his brother and father. In our milling area, several operators have been here for more than 15 years. Many inspectors in shipping have been here just as long. Because our people in key spots understand the regulations and specifications, they are intimate with the processes that need to take place.

Experience isn’t the only benefit of this longevity – so is pride of ownership. Our delivery team knows that they are just as important as the people making the products. They know their execution is just as critical. They also know we back them up with the finest equipment and training we can.

On the shop floor, our metrology processes comply to a higher-level standard because of our registration to ISO 13485. We utilize Zeiss CMM and Vision Inspection Systems, which are the finest in the industry. All of our process are validated and all of our equipment is continually checked for calibration. We are ITAR and FDA registered, and 21CFR820 compliant.

To say we care is one thing; to see it first-hand and experience it on the shop floor is another. I invite any of our customers to meet our teams and get to know the people working on their products. As an organization, we know our people will do the right thing even when no one is looking. I want our customers to feel that commitment for themselves.


Our quality systems and processes assure we don’t just make the part to precision specifications – we check it at every stage along the way.

Quality Systems:

Ensuring Quality with:

  • Internal and External Auditing
  • Product Identification and Traceability
  • Customer Feedback